Anybody Wanna Comment Swap?

Before I start the comment swap, I thought I would make a random plug to my story idea journal.

Now onward!

So the rules are very simple, of that I promise you!

1) You comment first.
2) You get what you give (except for one liners, that just wastes both our times and it's not fair for either of us).
3) I will not read parent/child incest (it does exist around here). Yeah, I'll usually at least give everything else a peek.
4) You do not have to read the whole story if it's one of the longer ones. A chapter or two would be nice though.

Umm....that's about it...

So moving on!

Right Where We Belong -- R, 15 Chapters, Lord of the Rings Fanfiction
Feather -- R, 5 Chapters, Original Drama
His Ring -- PG-13, 3 Chapters, Original Drama
Beauty and Beast -- R, 2 Chapter, Original Beauty and the Beast retelling
Orchard of Minds -- NC-17, 4 Chapters, Original Horror
Dance for the King -- R, 2 Chapters, Original Fairy Tale retelling
Slaves of the Moon -- NC-17, 2 Chapters, Original Fantasy
The Ward -- R, 3 Chapters, Original Historical
Blood and Water -- R, One-Shot, Original Horror
Love the Way -- R, One-Shot, Original Slash
Chariot -- PG-13, One-Shot, Original Historical
Wonderland -- R, One-Shot, Original Tragedy
Stand -- PG-13, One-Shot, Original Drama

I know there are a lot there, but I wanted to give you guys some variety to choose from and I really want comments on any/all of them.
June 27th, 2011 at 07:21am