Updated Story Ideas || Looney Toons || Songs || Comment Swap

So I decided that I wanted to do a story idea instead of having to write them out over and over again. And I just updated it with two new ideas. So I would really appreciate some opinions there!

I have been watching Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry. I absolutely love them! And I mean Class Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry. Not the new stuff. The new stuff is just weird. Class has it all though! I love getting to watch them randomly. It can be a really nice break.

So last night I posted a journal looking for songs. I still am looking for them. If you have any suggestions that you can give me, the journal is here it just helps my brain if I keep things in their places. I know I'm just really weird.

Oh! And I wouldn't mind getting to do a comment swap either! Okay so this is a little inaccurate as I did update Right Where We Belong like twice last night, but all of this is the same general idea!
June 27th, 2011 at 10:37pm