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I love Lord ofthe Rings.

I really do.

Tolkien was a genius. I am absolutely convinced of that. Not only did he create an intricate world and a history that spanned thousands of years, but he also created languages for them. If I could even have like a tenth of that kind of skill....

Wistful thinking....I know...

But hey, we all have to have goals even if those goals are unreachable.


Alright so I was looking at my e-mail today and I noticed that...I really needed to clean out my sub list. It's still really long (though I blame that on the fact that Alu has so many good stories waiting in the wings and keeps posting links to their story pages) but that's okay. It's not three pages anymore. Now it's like one and a half which isn't so bad at all.

Yeah I definitely need to do that more often though. I can't deny though. I might have one or two stories on there that are for the sheer hope that the author will come back and update them >.> Nothing wrong with that right? After all this one particular story I'm doing it for is really good. The night I discovered it, I read all that she had up in a couple hours and these aren't short chapter.s They're around a couple thousand words each if I remember correctly. I don't care. I'm absolutely in love with it.


I want stories. Yeah....simple as that. I really want some stories. But I want them for a good reason. You see I've had this idea for the last several days of taking some stories on mibba and doing a weekly review of them. I think I would have a lot of fun with it and I think the authors themselves would (or hopefully will) really appreciate it as well. And it would be a really nice resource for readers. See, this diabolical plan could well work.

I am putting a chapter cap though. No offense to you epic people who can write long stories. I think that makes you awesome on every single level and I admire you people. But the problem is that, I do have other things to do and I don't know if I would be able to get to said stories and do them proper justice. And that's just not fair to you and would make me feel ridiculously guilty in my failing of you. I simply cannot allow this to happen. That is why the cap is going to be set at Fifteen Chapters. I should be able to get to that in a week. And if I can't, well than I really fail...or am helping my friend with her wedding which I'm doing at the end of July...

June 28th, 2011 at 08:31pm