Criminal Minds....Harry Potter...Or Both?

I mean that. I really do. I absolutely love Criminal Minds and I have desperately been hoping that Garcia and Morgan will get together especially now with me watching the episode where Garcia gets shot and Morgan is trying to protect her and says that he loves her. I mean how could that not be a sign that they are perfect for each other! I would love to do a fanfic between those two honestly. I think it would be wonderful!

Then again, I have been really in the mood to write a fanfic for Snape. I mean romance, drama, adventure. Something to do him true justice. No one ever seems to care about Snape and it makes me sad because he is honestly my favorite and I think that he deserves a really good fanfic. And when I say good, I mean I would want to do it on this epic long saga like scale probably.

Then again, another part of me really would love to do both of those...a crossover? I was gonna say I couldn't do that, but why not? I bet I could so find a way to do that. Would anyone read a Criminal Minds/Harry Potter crossover or should I just keep them separate. Better yet, should I even do them in the first place?
June 29th, 2011 at 07:38am