Comment Swap, then mindless questions. :D

I noticed I like to write journal on here.
One reason is because I like to receive stories to read, and comment swap.

There's so many different talents on this site, it's really hard to say all.

that sentence didn't make sense.

BUT, incase you haven't caught on by now, I'd love to comment swap.

comment any of my stories and I'll do the same to you.
I'll probably subscribe too.

Coffee Shop Love: it may be a slash, but if you know of me, you should know I can't write smut or sex for my life. Therefore, there's not sex scenes. Just pure sweet innocence. (my most popular story.)

Silhouette Of A Broken Soul: it's a original fiction, and one of my first stories. though I haven't updated in a while because my co writer is still editing her half, it's a great read. It's about troubled teenagers, each have a dark past, and they all didn't deserve to be put through what they've experienced.

Beauty at a Price: it's an anorexia story. it's based on a true story involving my sister and myself, and it's supposed to be updated sometime this weekend. the story line isn't told through the one chapter that's been posted so far. Just know, that the layout is inspiring, and everyone is beautiful in their own way..

Coffee and Cigarettes: this is the sequel of Coffee Shop Love, and just as cute. Yes, it is still a slash, but there aren't going to be any sex scenes. Unless my little sister actually posts one that relates to the story line. But that won't happen.

For All I've Known: This is my one and only fan fiction. It used to be owned by my usual co author, my best friend Sydney, but she's too busy to update, now it solely belongs to me. Anyways, it has Pete Wentz, his band Fall Out Boy, and his label mates. there's one twist... He's an assassin.

Just ONE thing.
Comment my story(ies) first.
Let's say you comment on two of my stories, I'll comment on two of yours.
you only read one chapter then comment?
I'll do the same.
You get what you give. :]

1. what story do you want to comment swap?
2. what's your favorite song?
3. favorite band?
4. Favorite pick up line?

I'm weird. then again, we're all not normal.
June 30th, 2011 at 05:55am