Well, it was the best show of my life. It was worth missing Rise Against to get the surprise at the end of the night, and our arrival time could not have been better. My Chem opened with The End and played through all the good songs on Black Parade, and while they changed between being the Black Parade and "that other band," as Gerard casually called My Chemical Romance, they played "Blood". Fuckin awesome. Bob was amazing, just owing his drum sets (he had two, and a revolving stage) and Ray was just... I don't think I can come up with a word. I'm going to consult my thesorus and get back to you, because I can't think of a good enough word for ray's performance. Gerard was just beautiful, and he opened the show by rising from a hospital bed to sing. It was cool. Frank didn't hurt anyone, though he swore he recognized me., at teh begining of the show, we saw one of the Reps for the music company that my friend Gina is friends with. We've met before, at the FOB Nintendo Fusion Tour. We talked and he apologized for not being able to get us tickets to the show. (By the time he found out, there wasn't enough time to mail them) So we talked for awhile, and then after the show, we saw him again. Except this time, he was with a kid named mike who was naother rep for a different company. He said for us to wait, and not go ANYWHERE, so we just kinda stood around and the next thing I know, he's pulling us back into the arena and handing us fucking meet and greet passes. I FUCKING MET THEM AND THEY WERE FUCKING AMAZING! <------- read this screaming in your most excited voice because that's how I am saying it. We went downstairs after a bit of waiting and poor gerard looked so damn sad I just wasnted to ask him if he was okay. I mean, I thought at first he was staring at me, but then I realized he was probably off in his own little world. He looked dowright depressed. Poor guy. *tear* Bob was throwing Sharpie Caps at people and I said to Gina that I knew he was trouble. =) Frankie asked if the show was okay, and I said; "Was it okay? It was the best show I've ever seen. You guys were better than Korn and they're my favorite band, and I've seen them three times." Well that certainly got their attention. Frank Said, "we're better than Korn?" I repeated myself and mikey said; "Those are big shoes to fill," and I said, "I know, but you guys were better," and Gerard just shook my hand. I think he agreed with Mikey, but I was kind of distracted by the fact that Mikey was looking at me. Sorry. I kept my composure all damn night and that was just kind of it. I smiled at him and shook Gerard's hand and he asked my name again (for the second time, I think) and that was it. They wouldn't let us take any pictures I was so pissed. I had my cell phone ready and everything! Anyway, I'm scanning my pass into my pc tomrrow to put on my myspace page so i think I'll throw it up here too. The concert was simply the best, sounding, looking, just in general, and i hope Gerard finds something to cheer him up soon. He did however, join Mikey in talking over Gina's mushroom and crossbones pin (its nintendo, I believe) so at least he was somewhat there with us. *hugs Gerard*
February 27th, 2007 at 06:14am