Hi! If you're reading this, I have probably linked it in my story SWTT.

For you guys, I hope you like Jason's p.o.v., it was fun to write :) I mentioned this in the A/N already though.

The contest to find the perfect picture for Tyler is still on, and will end July 4th. For those of you who lose track of time (it's summer- of course we do), that's Monday, 2 DAYS FROM NOW. Here's the info again:

Height: 5’11”
Grade: College sophomore
Age: 18 (19 later in the story)
Birthday: September 5th
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue
Tyler is Kelly’s half-brother and Allie’s first love. He is protective of his sister and other females, and especially Allie. He is understanding and a good listener, but very independent and hates to rely on others.
His father left when he was a baby, and his mother remarried and had Kelly. That dad has treated Tyler like his own son, and Tyler has his last name. Nobody would notice that he and Kelly aren’t full siblings, except for their very different looks and personalities.

Murray is winning as of now, look at chapter 20 (I think) to see the pictures. I'll probably repost them on the 3rd (tomorrow's chapter) for last-minute entries.

I AM GOING BACK AND EDITING THE STORY. It shouldn't be too drastic, just grammar and small facts; I found that I had said Cass was a 3rd-year college-goer, and she's actually just starting her second year. Tiny things like that.

I AM WRITING CASS'S STORY ALREADY. I'm probably not going to post any chapters until I'm finished with SWTT, but I'm super excited for this one. Reaaaaaally excited. I can't really give much away, because it probably won't be up till the middle to end of July, if I get SWTT finished on time.

SWTT WILL BE LONGER THAN ORIGINALLY EXPECTED. I love the story so much, and have so much planned for it that it will be longer than my predicted 30 chapters. I have 10 stars, too!!!! It makes me soooo happppppy.

It will probably be more like 40, I don't know. I have a camping trip to get through, Rachel to bring back, Greg's relationship, the main hook-up, the next few babysitting chapters, etc!

Want to know something funny? I CHOSE THE TITLE OF THE STORY EXPECTING A SEQUEL. Yeah, really. I plan to end this SWTT when Allie finally gets together with who we all know she will, and the sequel will be some issues after that.

WANT TO FIGURE OUT THE NAME OF THE SEQUEL? The acronym is SWHF. I only really chose SWTT because the name of the sequel sounds cool. Have fun with that, I would love any guesses! PM me, try not to comment and ruin it if you guess right! ;) I thought about re-writing this one before I get the sequel out there, but figured I'd just gradually go through and edit it instead of a complete re-write.

Muahaha, I feel so evil when no one knows all of my plans. For now, let's just say there's a possibility your name could be used for a character in the sequel or Cass' story, I just don't know the basis for the competition yet. And the basis of that character's personality may be you, depending on where you fit. I don't know yet.


ONE MORE THING. I start summer college classes on Tuesday. Why tuesday? Because the fourth of July is Monday, silly. I D'ed a class (the only D I have ever gotten in a college class, I haven't even gotten a C!) and the $70 program you have to buy for the class expires in November, so I can't take it in the fall. It will be a month-long thing, MTWR and I'll be gone about 3 hrs a day, with homework when I get back. For ONE class, it's like three hours long!

OH WAIT LAST THING! XD I TURN SIXTEEN ON WEDNESDAY! License, and party and friends and swimming and maybe laser tag haha I'm so excited! Even though for the first time in my life I have to be in school on my birthday! I'm a summer baby, we're not supposed to have to go to school on our birthdays! And, I'm hoping to get my Gram to make "joiner" pizza, which I'll explain some other time. It's not really what you think of when you think "pizza" and it's 1000x better than regular pizza.

Goodbye! I love you, I hope you are excited now! I'll update as frequently as possible to get this story finished!
July 3rd, 2011 at 05:22am