Obligated Journal about the Other Journals About That Trial With that Ho That Killed Her Kid


Now for something relevant to life: You should all take a gander at my stories and tell me how bad of a writer I am. I recently read through some of my stories and was like "WHY DO ALL MY CHARACTERS SOUND LIKE MELODRAMATIC TEENAGERS!!" I guess I spent too much time on Mibba (LOL WHUT?) I keed I keed. But In all seriousness, I feel like if I am ever going to make it as a "serious" writer, I should probably get as much concrit as possible. So, I am willing and able to hear your hate if you so wish to bestow some upon me :D Maybe I will return the favor? Maybe. I do have a drinking problem <3

Much love dudes
July 6th, 2011 at 01:00am