I want to be serious.

I need to start over, again. I seem to do this every once in a while. Delete a bunch of things, change everything up. I'm sure I write a journal every time, too. I just feel like I need to get back to writing, develop the craft. I don't want to write chapter long fanfictions anymore (not that I have anytime recently). The only story I've posted here that I am truly proud of is Bridging the Gap, and it's just my idea of a sequel to Tuck Everlasting. And I'm only proud of it because I stuck with it from start to finish.

I want to write something that I love.

I signed up for inkpop back in February and I've been nosing around figuring the place out. I really like inkpop. It's made me decided I want to write something worthy of being in its top 5. I have to write something amazing. Something so beautiful, that I have to finish the story. And the truth is, I really want to. I want to be serious. I want to be serious about my writing and about myself. So, I'm starting over.
July 6th, 2011 at 02:03am