Story Ideas || A Thanks || A Recc || My JulNoWriMo || Drabble Swap

Alright so first thing is first!


I definitely think y'all should check them out. I love getting opinions on my ideas. Secondly I need to seriously thank hic sunt dracones. She is my angel! She suggested to me Broken Iris a little while back for my JulNoWriMo playlist and I have absolutely fallen in love with them! They are a great band! Trust me! Y'all need to check them out! They are absolutely awesome.

Also I have a story that I am going to recc before I actually get onto anything else. You all should check out The Crumbling Pyramid by Icamane Potter. I am not someone who plays MCR fanfiction, but I am in love with that story! Girl has some serious skills when it comes to writing!

Alright so I am doing JulNoWriMo like quite a few other people around the site. And I have gotta say that I am pretty proud of what I have done. I am currently at 21k. Which considering how far into the month it is, I am really proud of that. I am just hoping that I can keep it all up. I keep having to remind myself that slacking off is a very bad thing. Of course this also means I've been pretty bad with my stories. Which I am sorry for. I need to fix that.

Alright so I wrote a drabble last night and I thought I would do a swap for it. It is called Fantasy. So we're defining drabble as the standard 500 words or less. You comment first and then I will get back to you.
July 7th, 2011 at 07:24am