A Penny For Your Thoughts, But A Dollar For Your Insides

So, I am sitting in my towel thinking about the last couple days. But really I just want to throw my roommates dog out the window. It's one of the nervous chiwawa. I can't stand it.

But on the bright side:

One: I got paid, so that's always a plus. I have been working on and off. My schedule is all funky this month and they keep adding new tour guides so I will be saving most of my money.

Two: I got to see my boyfriend which was really nice.

& I had a ABC (Anything but Clothes) Party last night. I had about 45 people saying they were going to come, and of course, about 45% dropped out. Which really hurts. I know it isn't anything personal. But I have always wanted to have this huge massive amazing party. My 16th birthday part was a rave and people still talk about it.

Everyone also gets along so there was no drama. But I couldn't help feeling bored and disappointed. Even though the cops still showed up, but thank goodness Ashley (my hot look-alike) talked to him. Besides there was nothing too illegal going on.

Wesley (boyfriend) said that the people who mattered came. Which is true. I am glad everyone had a good time, but my expectations were just a little too high. My costume was adorable too. I took a trash bag and some leopard duct tape and made it into a mini dress.

But I feel bored now, and I have to fix the carpet one of my friends accidentally dropped a hookah coal and burned through.
July 17th, 2011 at 09:07pm