Your Dreams & Questions


I took a class about Dreams in Summer A. Just a fair warning, I do believe that a lot is revealed through your dreams, but others are simply just regurgitations of your daily life.

Generally, I can tell what is regurgitations and what isn't. I cannot really explain how but I just do. For example: I had a dream about Harry Potter, well obviously because I saw the movie earlier that day. Or maybe I saw a really ugly red car and it shows up in my dream.

But lately I have been having really strange dreams. My professor calls them "archetype" dreams, according to the studies of Carl Jung. These dreams refer to a part of your unconscious and what you really desire.

One of my dreams I was on a roller coaster and everyone was jumping off into a pool underneath and eating each others' flesh. Then I saw Horus come flying from the sky and Anubis standing behind him. Then I choose to talk to Horus and he asked me if I knew what my life means.

Weird, right?

One I had recently I was on the Spanish steps in Rome and I was running down them quickly with my boyfriend. I hurt my ankle (I think) and I stopped running. Then this huge monster machine came over up then its face opened and silver coins spilled out all over me, Wesley and the steps.

I have done my own interpretations and I am satisfied with them.

But what about you?
1. Have you ever studied dreams?
2. Do you think dreams have more meaning other than random thoughts?
3. Random thought right now?
4. Did you have a dream that seems significant to you?
5. Do you believe in ghosts?
July 21st, 2011 at 06:50am