Mibba Elite?

Haha, I know. I know this is like my third journal within the hour. I feel like a Whore Journal Junkie. But I love writing journals. They are like extended facebook statuses, with more thought and meaning. Obviously.

Honestly though, Mibba does not feel the same as it did before. The forums used to be so active that I could never keep up. The Role-Playing was out of control. It seems like everything took a pit fall. I am not sure why.

Does anyone else know?

I heard this term a lot what exactly is a "Mibba Elite"?

I just want to go to sleep, but alas I can not. So I shall wait for replies.

Just a secret: I love seeing the red words on My Mibba page. Every time I get comments/photo comments/friend requests. My heart goes WEEE!
July 21st, 2011 at 07:50am