I Just Want To Be A Footnote In Someone Else's Happiness

I am super sick today, and my mom tricked me into going to the gyno. *moment of silence*

I drove two hours to go to this appointment and it would have been nice to know before hand that the nurse would tell me strip naked while I felt like I was going to hurl all over the office.

Of course, it was my fault for taking medicine on a empty stomach. Then I crashed for nearly three hours at my parents. I am not sure how I suddenly got so sick.

On top that my warped tour plans fell through. Wesley (current BF) can't make it, so I am looking for a friend to go with me. Honestly I just want to dress in a bathing suit, shorts and sunglasses and enjoy the music. But we will see how that goes.

He and I have been getting in to mini-fights lately. I know I start most of them, mostly because I am having a hard time readjusting to the medication (birth control.) I wasn't on it for two weeks while I was in Europe and I had a really bad withdrawal. And now on top of that I am being a mega bitch, who can't eat anything without getting massive stomach pains.


Photo from Tumblr

No, I don't pop pills. I just liked the picture.
July 22nd, 2011 at 10:11pm