Vapid Internet Fights

__I am aware but I am not quite sure___Image
What is it with people and fights on Mibba today? It must be because it's Sunday. Haha. Honestly, I think what starts these fights is not being able to understand other people's views without our own bias, and maybe not having the whole entire story and the facts.

Sometimes I make assertions without the full understanding of a situation. Yes, it was an uneducated assumption, maybe I thought I understood. But that does not make me a dumb ass or stupid or an ignorant pig.

Because of opinions the use of knowledge is limited (not knowledge itself.) It is often because of our our own views. But what we should be doing is simply sharing knowledge that we all have to create a larger more open and better understanding society...

Yeah right, like that will ever happen.
But I can dream of my own personal Utopia.

This is not meant to be rude or anything negative or directed at any one persons.
July 24th, 2011 at 09:08pm