Just Curious, Who Would Read An Autobiography?

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There was a small discussion on Kai235's journal about me writing an autobiographical story here.

The story would be about my first year in college.

I was living in an all girls dorm where I had three roommates.
One was a british girl who dealt drugs from my room.
One was a religious psycho and the other was an art student.

We had a ghost haunting our room. One little boy ghost named James.

My friends names were no lie, Ashley, Ashley and myself (Ashley) and Aimee.
We snuck up onto the Fourth (Forbidden Floor) and ended up coming face to face with the Mistress Ghost of Henry Flagler.

We went to crazy parties where we did really stupid stuff. But I think my favorite part is when the guy I wanted to be with showed up and I was still drunk from the night before. Then I decided to wear heels and pop a Vicodin.

It also has a really happy ending.

I mean I am all down to write this, however, I am worried that...

a) I am going to get tons of hate/judgement mail for being a moron.
b) That someone from my life will find this....
c) That no one will believe this is actually true.

July 29th, 2011 at 08:42am