So I've been trying and failing at trying to think of which *finished* story of mine would be the best choice to re-write as an original and edit the utmost crappp out of it to get it into tip top condition. Why, may you ask? Because. I'm trying to get something published.
And that, my friends, is where you come in! I want to know which story YOU would be most likely to see in a store, pick up and/or buy, and read. Which means, that a larger portion of the general population of the audience would also agree with.
To make things just a bit easier, I have made a list here, with links to the stories if you want to catch up on their summaries, and have omitted the titles that I would definitely not re-write.

He Won't Be Coming Home
From One World To Another
Crying On A Saturday Night, and it's subsequent sequel:
Live For the Sake Of Living
Milestones: Teenagers, and all subsequent sequels...
Wild Horses

Please try to limit your choice to one of the above listings. However if there is one that wasn't listed that you REALLY REALLY would like to see be re-written as an original story with original characters, I suppose you can leave it here as well :)

So please please please leave a comment below on which story YOU would like to see turned into an original!!
July 29th, 2011 at 08:49am