mambo ya furaha katika maisha yangu [anybody here like signs?] Questions!


Did you know Hakuna Matata actually does mean "no worries"? Upendi (upendo?) means "love," too. It's all in Swahili.
A lot of you probably knew that already, but I found it out about a year ago I think and since one of my friends is running a Disney based roleplay, I've been thinking about it lately. I find it pretty cool.

Speaking of, I came up with a middle name for my character in said role play that I really like: "Imanizuri." "Imani" is Swahili for "faith," and "zuri" is Swahili for "beautiful."

Anyway. Remember that picture up there? Yeah?
So we have this FLUFFYASFUUUU black cat... He's really skinny, but everyone thinks he's fat because he has so much fur you can't tell and he looks massive.
Every summer, we shave him. Everybody goes "WHAT THE TINY BLACK LION![?]" It's pretty exciting.


Well, this was supposed to be saying what has made me happy today, but I actually meant to post the above yesterday. I thought I did, even. Obviously that didn't happen, though, so!
What has made me happy today, hmm?

!. ~ I stapled my finger by accident earlier. That made me the opposite of happy, actually, 'cause it hurt and I kept bleeding, but now there's this little purple dot there and it looks cool.

!!. ~ We went through dolls and stuffed animals, and it brought me back into that childish sense of security that I haven't felt in far too long.

!!!. ~ I wasn't all sore and angry when I woke up, I didn't have nightmares last night.

!!!!. ~ My mums made sausage this morning. <3

!!!!!. ~ My room is still clean.

!!!!!!. ~ One word: Gravitation. Seriously, best comic-ygraphicnovelbookthing series ever. I love those two...

Signs ::

I've been in the mood to make signs lately. For those of you who don't know what I mean by signs (I hear they're also called shout-outs and various other things)...
you write a person's name or draw a picture [or both] on something, generally either a piece of paper or yourself, take a picture and either send it to them, or post it somewhere (and tag them in it). For an example, go here or here (you might not be able to view them, but I have it set so anyone can).


!. ~ What's your favorite animal?
!!. ~ What's your favorite foreign word?
!!!. ~ Do you want a sign? Because I would so make you one.
!!!!. ~ What was the first thing to make you smile today?
!!!!!. ~ What was your favorite movie as a smallchild?
August 14th, 2011 at 11:03pm