Dreamer Readers

So, you've just read the prologue to Dreamer, the sequel to Wrong.
I'm hoping it wasn't too confusing for you guys and you liked it. I'm also hoping you guys left me an awesome comment with your praises or whatever it is you said.

Ok so a few things...
If you're wondering why I titled it Dreamer it's because of the song by Uh Huh Her. I was listening to it earlier this summer while i was trying to come up with how i wanted to approach this story. Then after i decided on the title I pretty much used the title as a main theme for the story, as you can see from the prologue.

Now, I just want to let you guys know ahead of time that I won't be adding the first chapter for a while. It's done and so are more than a few more chapters after, but i won't be updating until i get at least half way through the story.
I'm really trying to push myself to get out a chapter a week, or two a week but it's harder than i expected. And i also wanted to see what you guys thought about it before i actually started. So look at this as a sneak peak or a teaser.

I'm really relying on you guys' feedback so drop me a comment here, or go back to the story and leave a comment there, or on my profile...fuck, you can message me. I'm POSITIVE that the more feedback i get the quicker i will be to posting the first chapter.

ALSO! i'll be adding a full description for the story once the first chapter is up...

that is all
August 17th, 2011 at 08:06pm