Green Hair

...I got the tips of my hair dyed green today.

God it was funny because everyone says I look like Gee, ya know? So when it got bleached so the green could be put on, I said something similar to this: OMG I'M TURNING INTO GERARD WAY MY HAIR IS BEING BLEACHED! and my hairdresser was all like: o_O wtf?

Wow. Turquoise-y/dark blue-y/green-ish hair and fringe. Amazing. My parents actually approved, too.

New pic should be up of it on my profile pic. Enjoy!

Please go check out:


as usual, she rocks and her stories are friggin awesome. (beg her to update she hasn't in ages. xD)

___x Bumble Bee (Or Garce)
June 30th, 2007 at 08:56pm