Im a Beginner + A teenager Living In the rebel moments >.<, Save me.

So Im writing A blog just to maintain things and get them off my mind, Even though Im sure Not many people will Read this. I really Dont mind Xp. (: Smiley...Well Uhmm Me and my cousin Rachel were smoking not to long ago it was her first time and myy like 5th I was teaching her And she told her mom which told my mom and Noww Im in some deep shitt, Cant go No where, Cell phone less, And Im pretty sure Imma die tomorrow you know cause drug tests.. Never Funn. I rarley talk to my bestfriend and Im still greiving over Chester (My python Who died 2 weeks ago), My dad left my mom In Feburary which started all my "Rebelingg" and my momm OD'd Like 3weeks ago. I think I can Say MY LIFE SuCks. And and and oh lets not forget Josh. )': this whole summer i spent with him and john, Raul, and Henryy. But Josh I would sneak out and go over to Johns house where we would all hang out And once everybody was asleep we would talk all night just about things. I would fall asleep in his arms and he would take me home at 5 in the morning. Josh About ah week before school started told me he didnt wanna be with me and he was gonna bang some other chick and left me in the rain(literally It was raining) It sucks because we got so close over the summer and I havent seen him since): Well its time to Hit the sheets I have a big day waiting for me tomorrow.

Names Changedd

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So I wrote thIs like yesterday >.<
August 27th, 2011 at 08:21am