Dreamer Readers #2

Sooo, you've just read the official first chapter of Dreamer.
I hope it didn't disappoint. If it did :( then don't give up on me just yet I'm just trying to take my time with this one so I don't burn out.

Okay, the dream.

So BeeBee isn't really in jail or being interrogated...it's a dream.
The dream is really BeeBee thinking she punished herself when she committed those various crimes mentioned. The crimes that were listed were all BS I made up lol. Some are actual crimes but for the most part just crimes I made up in the fantasy land BeeBee's dreaming in.
Like derogatory discourse against against loved ones, was just a clever way of saying bad mouthing people she cared about, which in turn is one of the reasons she's in court and what not.

As for the "swine in Romeo suits" that would be Matt Sanders and another character I'll be adding and introducing in the next chapter. I'm not giving too much more away so anything else you're confused about you should definitely ask me about it.

What eellse...

Oh yea, so I changed BeeBee's character depiction. Idk I was just getting bored with looking at Megan Ewing. A stupid reason but ehh...I hope it didn't piss any of you off...
I'll also be adding more characters as the story progresses, some old, some new ;)

uhh, so that's pretty much it.
If i think of anything else, i'll be posting it. But in the mean time leave me a comment or something :P
September 18th, 2011 at 12:13am