WTF!? I've Been Reported?

Apparently I have been reported on the grounds that SWHT "is not a story."

The previews are for you guys and you guys only. They will be taken down in a week and two days when the first chapter is available.

I do not want to have to stop posting them because one person has climbed atop their high horse and decided to report me.

If I get reported again, I am afraid I will have to stop posting those lovely things.

Although I knew this had a possibility of happening, I was hoping it could be avoided. I suppose I was wrong.

This is really frustrating, because it is my first time being reported. It's like I'm being criticized for trying to lighten the three-week absence of the story.

Know that if I do have to take it down, there will be no more previews, no more tidbits, no more anything, and the enjoyment of writing this story will be diminished for me- it's depressing to think that somebody is only reading your story to find ways to report you.

I love the story, I love all the people I talk to about it, so please be patient for a week and two days longer.

With love and frustration, moi.
September 29th, 2011 at 07:04am