A UPDATE AFTER A YEAR! Comment Swap extravaganza!

I can't even take the fact that I just freaking updated


After a year! I have been so bad! Actually, even worse, over a year. I probably have no readers left because I suck ass, which is WHY I am doing this limited time offer COMMENT SWAP EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Basically, if you read all four chapter of my wonderful story: Cherry Soda Boy I will happily read either the first four chapters of your story, or four one shots!

You hear that!

four chapters for four chapters! Swap with me!

And they don't even have to be long, drawn out reviews either. One liners are fine with me! I just want to get this story out there and for you guys to read it!

If you can't get through all four, that's fine! I don't care! Just read it! COmment it! LOVE IT!!!

October 3rd, 2011 at 07:58pm