The Comment Swappers?

So this was inspired by someone's journal.

There is one thing we writer's love, and that's comments. Comments are awesome- especially the ones that praise our writing and tell us how amazing we are and talented and pretty....well...I'm pretty at least *haha*. And of course we like the comments that tell us how we can improve, because you can't improve if you don't know what you did wrong. AM I RIGHT?

The problem is, it is hard to get our stories out to the public of Mibba. Either, it gets lost in the sea of less than desirable stories, or comment swaps go awry. And Frankly, I think that is very unfair. Lately, I have seen many good writers in the journal's section get jipped out of comments-- me included-- after spending time reading the other person's story.

With that said, I am thinking of starting a little group called the Comment Swappers.

What are the Comment Swappers you ask? It will be a group of people who are ALWAYS willing and able to comment swap. Basically, we get a list together of people willing to join, and then have a bit of a fellowship. A writer's workshop if you will. Once we update, we send out stories to our peers and have them read and review them. It's a way to get your story out, and also get comments.

What do you guys think?I hope I am explaining it well? Probably not, I'm mad slow today and zoned out.
October 4th, 2011 at 12:54am