Fluffy the Conqueror

...is not a kitten.

At the moment my art portfolio class is preparing to submit our work to an art show nearby. I am having my drawing of Elrond featured, along with possibly two other pictures i have not had returned to me.

Anyways. One of the girls in my class struggles with names -as much as anyone would- and just couldn't decide on a name for her picture. She had sketched out a drawing of a child -kinda sulky looking. Yet, she was throwing her hands up in the air saying that she couldn't think of a name.

I looked at her. "I'll name it Fluffy if you don't think of a name."

She looks at me, our art teacher is laughing in the background. "Seriously?"

"I will name it Fluffy the Conqueror if you do not name it."

I begin walking towards the paper that has the names for our paintings. I pick up the pencil. "I am dead serious."

"Whatever, I can change the name later."

I shrug and write down "Fluffy the Conqueror." My art teacher was teasing me, saying he would change my drawing of named "Lord Elrond," to "The angry elf". This is sort of a joke in class since I have drawn wto stoic elves.

Yet for now, Fluffy the Conqueror is the child's name, and I believe it is a strong one.

October 8th, 2011 at 12:06am