Last Night was our homecoming game and luckily we won. At school I told everyone that we would win but of course no one believed me. All the hard games were at the beginning of the season and the easy games at the end since it's confrences and such. But anywho today was known as Rider Pride day at our school, so after the junior vs. seniors flag football match which sadly the seniors won. (not without cheating might I add)

Also I'm posting a story later called 23 days. The title and most of the story was inspired by the song 23 days by Framing Haley. It's not a Fan-fiction. Original fiction cause most of the things that are going on in my life inspired me to write it. So all I have to do is actually type it up. I don't know how I'm actually going to set the story up but eventually (before the night is over) I'll figure it out.

Oh now onto the reason I wrote this Journal, tonight is the homecoming dance but I am not going. I haven't gone freshmen and sophmore year cause I already knew what to expect it was going to be like a big 8th grade dance except people were going to be either drunk, high or doing the deed on the dancefloor which ruins the point of having a dance in the first place. So later on in the school year i'll probably see a whole bunch of pregnant girls walking around the school. Honestly I feel like a geek staying home cause I was asked to homecoming by my....friend well we're more than friends technically we're bestfriends going through that akward transition of wanting to go out but not going out which is what inspired my story idea cause he doesn't know what he wants. But whatever, I have to read Moby Dick for my research paper since that is the book I picked out. It's going to be a literary criticism paper which is due in december but I have to read the book twice, which knowing me will most likely read it more than two times. Anywho before I go off on a tangent, I have a 3 day weekend and I need something to do before I go crazy for not going to homecoming.

Any good stories to read?
How was your day?
What are some songs that you like right now?
October 9th, 2011 at 01:54am