So some of you know that I have been having issues with my parents. Well my step-sister and I were talking and she is thinking about moving down to Texas. (Yes this is related to the first sentence.)

Yeah she hates the snow and the cold so we're both seeing Texas as a much better fit for her than Montana. And she is seriously considering it! Monday she will be getting a call from a representative at La Cordon Bleu in Dallas where she is applying and I have no doubt in my mind that she will get in. This girl knows how to cook. She loves it in all actuality. It's her passion. And coming down here to get into a real cooking school is going to be better for her than staying and doing the new cooking program at the community college where she is currently attending. Not to knock community colleges, but it's kind of hard for a girl who wants to be a backer to justify getting her cooking credentials there. That and I know if she doesn't take this chance now she'll regret it.

And she completely agrees.

My step-dad (her father) is another matter entirely. The thing is though, Laura has proven she can handle herself on her own. She goes to school, has a job, an apartment, bills, a car, all kinds of stuff: ALL ON HER OWN. But I have this feeling it may not matter where our step-dad is concerned so I'm hoping she sticks to her guns and decides to come down here. I've already promised to get some of my friends and bribe them to help me drive up and move her down here where I told her she can live with me once I get my apartment (soon mibba, soon).

But yeah that is my exciting news of the day/morning.

How are you all?
October 9th, 2011 at 02:11pm