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23 days is finally out.

Alright so I finally posted the very first chapter of 23 days. I will most certainly put a link on at the end of this journal. So now onto the first topic of why I really wrote this journal. I would like feedback on my story and at the same time I will give feedback to any story you want me to read. Which brings me down to....

Topic trois yeah I am going out of order as you can tell I really can't fall asleep and I do not have school tomorrow so I have the rest of the tomorrow and whenever I die to sleep. Even though Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is on television right now I'm going to supress my nerdy ways and try to post chapter two of my story. I just need the right motivation to right it. So that requires me finding another song to listen to. I forgot to mention that Taylor Swift- Dear John really inspired the first chapter and I'm glad. I feel tired right now but I can't fall asleep so If I do fall asleep I'll do everything as soon as I wake up.

Day 23

Okay goodnight/morning/afternoon. Honestly just good whatever (:
October 10th, 2011 at 05:22am