Day Off and Chocolate Making

Due to it being the end of the first quarter, everyone at my school has the day off. How have I spent the first twelve hours of my day off? The first were devoted to sleeping, the other two were for watching anime... and now I am making chocolate. It seems I always waste away the days off I have doing frivolous things. I'll say, "Oh! I should write a little!" Does it happen... no.

The very thought of having to heat up the chocolate so I can begin spooning it into the moulds revolts me. Since the smell is very pungent, it normally cuts off all enjoyment I have of the candy for the next few days.

I'm doing it for a friend's birthday though, so it doesn't bother me so much... it's strange but I am using strawberry and lime molds for the chocolates... in October... -.-

No one has given me a hard time about it yet... so I'm not worried. Did you know that when you heat up chocolate, it almost has a peanut butter smell? Weird but true. It's probably just what chocolate I am using though.

That's it! :D
These random journal entries are quite enjoyable!
October 14th, 2011 at 08:50pm