My Mother Toy-napped the School Mascot...

If I ever suspected my mother of being eccentric, this is only proof to support the claim.

My mom works for my school, so she knows just about everyone. Our principal has this enormous stuffed Bird, which is our mascot. She manages to book it down the hallway while carrying this enormous stuffed animal! And she has yet to tell me even where she put it!

She has requested I write the ransome note, and I agreed. Yet she does not believe it will be needed for some time. She has also asked that I use big words which shall surely confuse my principal (*pulls out oxford thesaurus). I'm actually excited! The thing is, the people around the school are used to my mother doing hairbrained things like this! Last year she stole the Grinch from the principal, and had all of the young 'uns freaking out because they knew it was her!

...Of course she always returns the mascots. She isn't a kleptomaniac, thankfully. But of course these are the times that I look back and realize she it the cause for me being eccentric as well. Not to say it is a bad thing though.

I feel like Sheldon Cooper right now.
"I'm not insane, my mother had me tested!" Except his mother probably didn't mess with the results. XD (Joking, joking, really!)

October 21st, 2011 at 12:07am