Procrastination should definitely be a sport.

Not just any sport, an Olympic sport.

I'm being serious, if procrastination was an Olympic sport then I would so totally win the gold medal. Since tomorrow I have school I have to turn in my book notes for my research paper. Which is the reason for writing this journal cause I am procrastinating. Which leads to my next little spiel, my boyfriend is really annoying right now. I told him I didn't have soccer practice today and he was all do your research paper. But I was like I'm procrastinating, you should know I'm good at that and I'll wait until tonight when I can't go to sleep and when all these amazing ideas just spill out my head. I'll admit I am a bit of a night owl for I have trouble sleeping at night. Anyway, my boyfriend has been my best friend since freshmen year so obviously he should know a little about how I function.

I enjoy doing work at night unless it's a Friday night then you can forget it cause I'm going out with my friends. As you all know I'm a night owl so he should understand I might not do the work now, but I'll do it later on at like 7 or something. He's been like that all afternoon if you read the text you would think he's my father instead of my boyfriend. But the irony of all this would be my dad isn't even on my case like my boyfriend is. At least my dad knows I'll do the work at night when my creative and philosophical mood kicks in and I'll write the best research paper ever. Also they created Spark Notes for a reason. Alright I feel better getting all that off my chest. Sorry if your reading this thinking oh lord it's a rant.

Okay now, questions?

How was everyone's weekends?
How about those, ravens?
sike I don't watch american football. I watch real deal futbol.
So here's a better question,

Anyone see Chelsea play Arsenal?
Read any good stories lately?

Have a nice day (:
October 30th, 2011 at 06:19pm