fun friday.

I came home and was putting my drink in the refrigerator when my mom says "hmm, I wonder if this book is any good," so I turned around and saw that she was holding my Supernatural book and Season 4 DVD that I ordered! I ran over there. Man, that just made my day so much more awesome. I also got my school pictures back today that would be in the yearbook, and I must admit, they actually look pretty good.

oh yeahh.


But speaking of school, don't you hate when you stay up late and do work on an assignment and stress over it, only to find out that it's not even due 'till next week. well f*cking gpoy.I better make a 105 for turning it in today

okay, wow, this journal was lame but I just wanted to express my gratitude towards for delivering my stuff, lol.

Anyway, remember this song?


I'm in the mood to download so new tunes, so I'mma go all on Youtube and that shizz.

Oh, and I feel like I've already failed nanowrimo. :((
November 4th, 2011 at 10:02pm