Which is sexier?


My friends and I were debating about this at lunch today, since I'm debating whether or not I want Liam, from Professional Boyfriend, to have an English or American accent. I'm finishing up the new chapter, and it takes place in the past, when he meets Sunny for the first time after his family moves from England to the small town where they currently live, but I haven't decided how old they're going to be when this happens, and whether or not Liam will have an English accent. If I choose to make Liam older when he moves (12, 13, etc) he would most likely have a British accent, since he wouldn't really consider it an accent, since he would have grew up speaking that way. If he's younger when he moves, (2-4) it's likely that the accent may fade away as he assimilates into American society, and grows up with American kids. Technically, he would only have a bit of the accent if he came when he was twelve, since even then the accent starts to fade a bit...or at least that's what my dad told me about my grandfather, who gradually lost his accent after he moved to America from Britiain when he was sixteen.

So anyway, my friends told me to have Liam at least a bit of the accent, because they said it would make him seem more appealing. Any thoughts Mibbians?
November 10th, 2011 at 12:08am