have you ever made all the wrong choices?

I am currently making all the wrong choices right now. I'm ignoring my world history, physics, and lit homework. I have to like write two essays, make a poster, and try and BS some physics work.

Speaking of physics, I went during advisement to make up a test I missed. My teacher, Mrs. Sikes, has a freshman advisement, and man, were those kids freakin' talkative. Anyway, I go and do my test. It was pretty easy because it was the EXACT same thing as the study guide, so I'm like 'yay, that's good.' Then I get to the back page and there's these five word problems and I'm like fml. I ask some kid for a piece of paper and thanked her. I didn't know what to do so I drew some triangles and used one formula before the bell rang for us to leave school. I went up and turned my paper in and told Mrs. Sikes that I didn't finish the last 5 problems, and then she said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that you didn't have to do those."


I was kind of upset because I stressed over the problems and wasted about 15 minutes on them. If I knew I didn't have to do them, then I would have had time to go back to advisement and talk with some friends. But no............. ugh, frustrating, right? D:

It's currently raining right now. I can't wait for this week to be over because next week is Thanksgiving holiday! And then 3 more weeks and it's Christmas holidays! And then sophomore year will be halfway over!

I'm wishing and hoping that I pass my driver's test in about 2 weeks. I've drove that past 2 days from school, but man, I just feel like I've waited so long to actually get in a routine of driving everyday. But still, I hope I pass.

I also started reading 'The Hobbit' today. :)
November 17th, 2011 at 02:57am