To HIm He Knows Who He Is.........

........ ......... .......,

I met you and my entire world changed, before you i honestly had never felt this way and then we started dating and it was amazing i was truly happy and myself. I loved being yours and i loved that you were mine and i thought we would last forever but i dont know what happened to change that other than people saying those things that were not true but i believe there is still something connecting us in a way i do not know if its what i think but i really hope it is because those 5 months we were together were amazing and i would
love to have that feeling back because i still love you.
You talk to me and do what you do and i know you have a flirty personality so its hard to figure out anything.
I miss us. since we broke up i feel empty and alone even though i act the same and happy i really just want to scream or cry.I usually end up crying
But since you found her and fell for her and then she ended up hurting you 4 days ago ill be patient and wait.
you do not how i felt when you cried on my shoulder but i probaly will never tell you either.
there is only a few that know my love for you and how great it is but only because i couldnt hold it in anymore and i think there tired of hearing it but oh well I had to let it out.

I Love you
I Miss you
<3 Im Here
November 17th, 2011 at 03:20pm