have you ever been NUGGETED?

Starting like this whole week, the kids have been doing this think to people's bookbags where they nugget them.

You will get nuggeted meaning that they'll take everything out of your bookbag, put your bookbag inside out, and shove everything back in it. You don't know how many times I've see it this week and man, I must admit, it's pretty funny.

Well today in math class, this boy named Blake put his bookbag behind my teacher, Ms. Lashley's desk. Well he went to the bathroom and then Ms. Lashley was like, "Who's bookbag is this?" And then everybody said Blake. Well, these two boys, Cameron and Alston ran up and started nuggeting his bookbag while Ms. Lashley was helping! She was like telling them to hurry and she even put somebody in front of the door to make sure Blake wouldn't barge in. I tell you, she is one crazy woman. Then everybody went like crazy in the class.

There was a serious chain reaction and it went something like this: Kassie was nuggeting Carla's bookbag while Cameron nuggeted Kassie's bookbag while Alston nuggeted Cameron's.

these people are bananas! But one funny thing that happened was that we were sitting in our desks, when out of nowhere, a girl named Jazmine, just pulls out a 2 Liter bottle of Mountain Dew and sets it on her desk.

these kids gmh.

Anyway, my mom bought my some Nutella and I'm eating it right now. Sue me, I think it's awesome!

My dad is also watching some movie in the living room on the computer, and the noises and all the cussing is making me uncomfortable for some reason.


this has been a journal.
November 18th, 2011 at 10:21pm