Plans For Today.

I have all week off for Thanksgiving holiday, so I plan on taking one day at a time and doing something.

Things That I Need To Do Today:
- Download One Direction's new CD
- Read a chapter of 'The Hobbit'
- Try and find a new band that I don't listen to
- Watch a new movie
- Watch an episode of Merlin
- Write! (and if you commented my last journal, I promise I haven't forgotten.)

Am I going to procrastinate and get none of these things done?

But seriously, I want to get some things done. My nana is trying to put the Christmas tree up already, haha. She's a pretty festive person.

Since I have nothing else to add, I'm just going to put in some links. ;)

-My Tumblr
-My Last.FM
-FanFiction.Net Account

And I know I'm like super duper late, but I'm starting to really dig Florence + The Machine.

November 21st, 2011 at 05:47pm