Some what back, shaken, broken, but NOT giving up

Lately life has taken its turn for the worse. My grandmother as many of you know was diagnosed with breast cancer. She under went 2 surgeries and radiation. She is cancer free (thank god), but unfortunately she is not out of the woods yet. She was also diagnosed with dementia, which makes it hard to even look at her some days :( I know it's horrible to say, because I love her dearly, but at the same token, I see her slipping away more and more :(

She repeats herself alot and she can't remember much so we are all being patient. It has been really hard seeing as my mom lives down the road from me, my dad lives in another state and I don't know everything feels like it's falling to shreds. Then my gf and I almost broke up. It's been rough. The fighting, the money issues, the child we have, just everything, so it put me at a stand still with EVERYTHING. In the mist of all of this, I realize that writing is what keeps me sane. If the real world is so tough, why can't I find peace in my writing? My stories aren't 100% good, as in good natured because they do touch on horrible subjects, but I get lost in them, and the story is in my FULL control. The one thing I do have control over.

I want to RETRY my writing considering, or at least hoping that I still have readers left, and even if I don't I am going to post any way, because who knows, you may like to read it. Silent readers are okay to me :) As long as someone out there understands me and my stories that's all that matters, and even if you don't like them, well, in the end I am writing them for myself, and that's all that truly matters. If people end up liking them it's an amazing plus. I am continuously trying hard to improve. I am not the best writer out there, but I am a work in progress.

I Scream into the Night For You

This story is half fan fiction and half original. I used the guys from the band Tokio Hotel, but that is it. They're not part of a band in this what so ever. It is about a gilr that is locked up in a psychiatric unit and is trying to tell her story of what really happened. In the process of all of this she has lost everything and everyone including the one person who knew her the best.

I'll Jump for You

This story is a fan fiction. The main character has grown up in an abusive home and has tried to make life for herself. She has a great job, she finds a boyfriend, but what happens when her best friend shows up back in her life. Does she accept it, or deny the friendship because he broke the biggest promise to her? Tokio Hotel fan fiction

The End of Forever

Again, I used the guys from Tokio Hotel, but this one is also more original than not. This touches on subjects such as beliefs and gay pride and what have you. The main characters life took a turn for the worse at 10, so now it's just her and her dad. Her dad thinks she needs a woman influence in her life, and that is when things go bad to worse. I also promise it reads better than I am making it sound!

The Scars Have Faded, but the Memories Stay the Same

Finally, this is my brand new one that I put up last night. This is 100% me. The characters are the ones that I have solely created. I should warn you that alot of this is based on a true story. Some things are change, not to make my life seem better or worse than what actually happened, but because you don't need to know EVERYTHING that happened.

Those are the sotries that I am willing to give my all to. Hope you understand. These all bring a little piece of me into the light, and slowly but surly you'll see the real person underneath :) Again, sorry to all my readers, but this is me officially saying that I am going to try and update the best I can when I can. I have a hectic life, but writing is something that I want/ need to do at the moment. Thanks for being there :)
Love Always

November 22nd, 2011 at 02:24am