Love is love | I want your input please

I’m so sick of criticisms and judgments. Everyone always says “you have no control over who you fall in love with”, so why is everyone so quick to pass judgment?

Who cares if they’re a boy, girl, or transgender? White, black, asian, or spanish? Down the street, miles away, or a world away? The same age, a few years older, a few years younger, or ten years difference? (if it’s legal)

If it truly makes that person happy and they are willing to put up with all the bullshit that you say about their relationship then WHY DO YOU CARE?!

Support it or shut your mouth.


I get told everyday "why aren't there any boys you're interested in?"
There is. I have a boy who I love more than life itself, but I can't tell anyone about it without getting a lecture.

"Why don't you find someone who lives around here?"

I don't have to because my heart is taken and I'm in a relationship.

"Is it even really a relationship?"

It's called long distance. Finish reading this then you can give your opinion if it is or isn't a relationship.

"Are you two ever gonna actually meet?"

When the time is right and we can actually be together, yes. And guess what? He'll wait for me and I'll wait for him.

"How could you love someone you've never met?"

Try it sometime, it's harder trying not to fall in love with that person if they're the right one.

I can't stand the constant questioning. I have the perfect boyfriend every girl thinks is make believe and only happens in tumblr posts, but he truly is my prince charming. Its been almost five months now and we've never had a fight, of course we get on each others nerves sometimes or get frustrated with things the people around us do and let it spill over into our conversation, but who doesn't?

Yes, he lives a little farther than I'd like, but its nothing we can't over come. We text from the time we wake up until the time one of us passes out first. Some night we can spend one to six hours talking on the phone talking about everything or just listening to the silence. His voice is the sweetest, most comforting sound I have ever heard. And if we're lucky, we can skype for a bit.

No, my boyfriend isn't really a boy but I don't care. He's a female to male transgender, but if you talk to him, you'll see what I see. He's just as stubborn and horny as any other teenage guy, but hes also just as sweet and kind and loving. Every time I complain about how I look, he tells me that to him I'll always be the most beautiful girl in the world with or without make up or perfect hair or body. He can be a total cornball sometimes, but I love it. He might be far away, but he certainly has a strong hold on my heart..well technically his heart. We're probably closer, more understanding, and better for each other than any other couple you know.

To me, there is nothing more real and pure than our love, yeah I said love. Is that an issue?

So here's your chance, is it a "real" relationship or not?
November 30th, 2011 at 01:57am