Just Life/ Who Am I? <3

As of lately I have learned to love my life and be truly thankful for what I have and for who I am. There was a period where it seemed like a lost cause for my girlfriend and I. I was heart broken. We would fight all the time, and it never seemed to end. We still have our moments, but things are better. When she was mad she would say the most awful things to hurt me and to make me cry. I'd eventually give in and cry, and she got satisfaction out of it. I know what many of you are thinking, why the heck are you still with her?

Well, I love her. For once, her and I had a civil conversation and we put everything on the table, and I mean everything. Her and I live together with her now 5 year old son Orion. Money is ridiculously tight and the bills never seem to end. We are beyond stressed, we both work a lot and in the end we take it out on each other, well we decided to talk about the day and vent.

If I left I would feel horrible. Orion loves going up to people, because the first words out of his mouth are I have 2 mommies, and I absolutely love that. He has no clue, but at the same time he has no care. He loves that he's the only one in his kindergarten class who has 2 mommies, and when mother's day rolls around he gets to make 2 gifts instead of one :) I love that child, but more importantly I love the little family we have created. Next month will be 2 years, and I wouldn't change anything for the world. We love each other at the end of each passing day and that is all that matters.

I have been on here since 2006, and I don't have that many friends, but many of you seem like nice people, and if I do talk to you I feel like I know almost nothing, so here is my introduction to who I am:

* I am Dayna
* I am 23
* I have a full time job and grateful for it
* I love children (hence why I didn't mind dating someone who had a child)
* I graduated college and have a bachelors in human development/psychology and plan on getting my masters in psychology real soon so I can have a real job
* I love writing. Even if people do not like my work, that's fine. I am writing for me and I don't expect EVERYONE to like it
* I am weird
* I have my tongue pierced
* I have a tattoo and plan on getting more
* I am always there for you when you need someone to talk/ vent to
* I love helping
* If you need something for me to edit just message me. I may not always be great at picking up my own mistakes but I can do it quite easily for someone else
* I absolutely love my music. People make fun of me all the time. I can go from listening to someone like Bullet For My Valentine to Katy Perry and not care, music makes me happy
* I am a little overweight, but I am happy with who I am
* I love to read
* I love to cuddle
* I love thunder storms

Now the question is, who are you?
December 3rd, 2011 at 07:07am