My inner child is showing... (random journal)

You want to get your father and brother out of the house -so that you can watch all the Barbie movies you own. ...At the age I'm at, I can't believe I would want to. My parents held on to all of our barbie movies for our little cousin... and this is result of having them present.


After seeing my friend perform the Nutcracker ballet, I REALLY REALLY want to watch it. This is one of those weird spontaneous days that needs this kind of thing!!! It's the kind of day where I NEED TO BE CHILDISH -at least more than usual!

So here I am, waiting... and my brother says, "I'm not going to scouts tonight."

I laugh, "Um... yes, you are."

"I have homework."

Here I am all:


So... sad day. -.-
I may just end up locking them outside... in the snow... and ice... with the coyotes coming out. Ohohohohoho...

December 7th, 2011 at 03:05am