StuCo Holiday Party

StuCo, being short for Student Council. Last night we had our annual holiday (Christmas) party at one of my teacher's houses. That sounds strange at a first glance, but she runs Student council for the most part, or sponsors it at least.

Don't you just love being the crazy person at a party? That's me most of the time. After having hardly half a cup of soda I was all over the place insane. Well... maybe that's an overstatement.

The purpose of the party is just for all of us to act our strangest. I believe that people at school can act completely different when they are outside of school. Or me... I normally have to be a bit more relaxed during school hours. Especially with finals, I've been studying here and there, not trying to overwhelm myself with the work.

ANYWAYS. At the party... near the end, the doorbell rang and I of course yell out, "IT'S THE COPS!" and dive behind a sofa (i nearly crashed into my math teacher when I did). Turns out it was two people from student council. I look over the sofa, get up rather casually and say, "It's not the cops." I'm surprised how everyone is so used to my sort of insanity. They actually found it amusing.

When came the white elphant gift exchange... well... I got what I wanted. A hello Kitty Plushie. My friend got what I brought to the party... a jar of dirt. It's sort of an inside joke now. I gave my secret santa last year a jar of dirt, and he put it in the white elephant gift exchange, so I decided to make it a two year tradition! You know you feel awful when one of the younger siblings of a StuCo member comes to the party and ends up with the jar of dirt!

It was hilarious when one of the kids opened a gift and took out a zebra puppet. My freshman biology teacher was like, "THAT'S MY ZEBRA!" It turns out one of the students had stolen it from his class. And then he proceeds to ask, "WHERE'S LION? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO TELL THE, "well why are you just lion around joke," WITHOUT A LION?!" A spanish teacher from a few years ago had left her puppets, so that teacher adopted them. I've seen the giraffe and math monkey, until yesterday.

To this day, he still does not know. To this day being... since yesterday. Later on in the party, I tried playing interrogation (there were some really strong reading lights). I can calmly and shamelessly state: I have no interrogation skills. Especially when put on the spot. I was like, "WHERE WERE YOU ON THE EVE OF CHIRSTMAS EVE YESTERDAY?!" But it was okay.

Ahhh. The best kinds of holiday parties are where you can sit there and be crazy whenever you want, and then hold a serious conversation. The great thing is, everyone in Student Council hates drama too -so there was no mention of anything actually going on at school. And everyone was glad.

So ends my super long journal entry~
December 10th, 2011 at 11:46pm