Are Names Really that Important? [other stuffff]

Since we have exams all week, my school has let us leave early and today my mom came and picked me up. We went to Pizza Hut and ate and then we went to go pay for it. Well, while we're waiting in line, I see a little kid walking toward slowly and her mom calling her.

It was a mixed child, mexican/white to be specific, and the little girl's name was Miranda.

I just had a weird moment when I saw her and heard her name. Mostly, because I'm mixed like that and my mom was considering naming me Miranda.

Then it got me thinking. Is a name really important? Does it make us who we are? My name is Eujenia, and I think it's a pretty ~unique name and I couldn't imagine having a different name. But I know that some people totally go by different names than the one they were given at birth.

I dunno if any of that made sense, but I just tell somebody. lol

I had my law and physics semester exams today. Dude, my law test was hard. I wasn't expecting it to be that difficult. My teacher said that if the grades weren't so good, that she would curve them by 10 points.

Went to physics and almost cried when I looked at the test. But somehow, I made some awesome guesses, and ended up making a 75. That's fine with me because it means that I passed!

Yesterday, I learned how to play a card game called Speed. On my second time of playing it, I won!! bamm. And today I bought a deck of Star Wars cards that are holographic and awesome, lol. Now if only I could find somebody to play with...

.....because it's almost Christmas! :D
December 14th, 2011 at 11:52pm