SOME PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK. I would just like to send them an anonymous message and tell them off. =w= You are like 10. You aren’t in love with your boyfriend. You shouldn’t even have a boyfriend until highschool! Gah. And I was on the weird part of Youtube yesterday and there were makeup tutorials for 4th graders. FOURTH GRADE. I was nine in fourth grade. Nine year olds shouldn’t wear makeup. .-. They wore more makeup than anyone I know. Like, jeez. World, what are you doing to these kids? And some 11 year olds look like they’re freaking 17 and they’ve already made out with multiple guys and crap. NO. Why the hell do 11 year olds even have boyfriends? Gaahhh. Well, if anyone read all of this, YOU, sir or ma’am have gone through a lot of pain reading my writing. Have a coke (>^-^)> (::)
December 26th, 2011 at 09:49am