Controversy Questions

What makes a thought controversial? Is it that it's so far off from the norm or that it seems so drastically changing? What makes a story controversial? Is it the fact that very few will agree with the idea, and those who do are walking to their own tune?

Is it simply the attacking of ones beliefs or way of living that would make a controversial idea so offensive?

Why is something controversial? Is it only controversial to one side of the arguementative spectrum, or does it apply to both sides?

Hrm... just a thought. The word controversy is thrown around so lightly these days that it makes me wonder what is and what isn't actually controversial. And if we do have controversial ideas, is it okay to share them in a respectful manner? I think it would be far better then shoving it down someone's throat.

It somewhat reminds me of a book I read titled: Candide. The writer attacks everything, from hypocrisy to how material wealth is valued by some but not others. It was very scathing in fact! It made it so the writer was actually exiled from France for a short period of time.

1. What are your thoughts on what makes something controversial?
2. If something is presented in a respective way, should it be viewed as offensive?
3. What makes a story controversial?
4. What makes an idea so controversial?
5. I've used the word "controversial" quite a bit, to get my point across. Do you think it has worked?


let me know what you think.
December 31st, 2011 at 09:06pm