Alter- Ego | Hello/Goodbye

Sometimes, when all that's lost remains.

Alright so today I was hanging with my friends and my friends cousins and their friends which sounds pretty confusing but it's really not. Anyway, my friend Brian was wearing a beanie and it was dark and cold outside since we were laying capture the flag, tackle style. So I took Brian's beanie and wore it which since my hair was in a ponytail and I had my fringe sticking out I looked like a boy. This is wear my alter ego comes to play, my other friend Jordan said I looked like a troy with the grey beanie on which was Brian's. But When I put on my blue beanie I'm a Trevor. It was a pretty great time.

So, remember my last journal when my Ex broke up with me and said let's be friends so last night I tried to talk to him and be his friend but he told me that I annoy him but he doesn't know why, so I was like well sorry I'm annoying, we can go back to being strangers now. I honestly don't care much for him relationship wise but he used to be my best friend and I actually cried because I didn't expect to lose my best friend that way but it is what it is. When he thinks I'm less annoying or when he admits he actually misses me then maybe i'll consider being his friend but as of right now, he's means absolutely nothing to me.

Any way who's excited for the new year? I know I am. Well I promised myself I would post a short story on here as a resolution of sorts so I hope you read that when it comes out. If it's a good enough short story, I'll make a bigger story out of it.

But maybe if i'm not on later then.....

January 1st, 2012 at 04:38am