I am going to be anaesthetised


So, yeah, I'm having a 'camera test' or endoscope or however they call it now. Which basically means I'll be put to sleep and they'll stick an optic fibre down my throat and into my gut. But if you like me, don't worry, I only didn't-wake-up from anaesthetic once, and I was really ill at the time, so I'll be fine. If you don't like me, it's highly unlikely that I'll die or anything.

This means today, I have to follow a special diet. Which basically means no eating, but lots of drinking. I just have to remember to drink a glass of water on the hour, every hour. I think I pretty much do that normally, though. Oh, and the laxatives. To clear out my gut, ya. But we won't talk about them, because that's disgusting. At least I don't have half of mine. Yay.

So...tomorrow will be 'fun'. Back on the wards after all these years, just when I thought I was leaving the hospital at last. No such luck. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that mum (in her ever-overly-organized state) wants to set off for t'hospital (you won't get it if you're not northern) at 6 AM. Well, 6:30 AM, but I still need to get up at 6 tomorrow. Pity me ;_;

Mind you, I did get up at 8 today, to take medicine, so I shouldn't be too bad. There's something so nice and cold and peaceful about driving down the motorway to Manchester in the middle of summer at the crack of dawn, but my fond memories are probably clouded of those where I was going to the airport. I do like airports.

So now, I might get dressed and go watch BBC News 24. That channel is love <3
Then again, I might not, because being in my room makes me feel hungry, since that's where I eat all the time. And I don't want to be hungry today, despite the inevitability. If I could find Dracula, I might finish that. Yeah, yeah, you started reading that 3 months ago, you suck.

By the way, good morning everyone.
July 9th, 2007 at 04:27pm