Guess whose getting braces tomorrow?


I'm happy to finally have my braces put on...but I'm worried about how much it's going to hurt. I've had the separators in for the past week and they hurt like a biznatch the first four days! So, now the pain is going to be ten times worse with the braces...or so I've been told. Plus all I can eat for the week is applesauce, soup (which I hate), and yogurt.

On a random note, I GOT THE LEAD IN MY SCHOOL'S SPRING PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited, since it's pretty much the last play I'm going to be in, since next year I'm going to be directing the play, and usually the director isn't actually in the play. So, I'm over the moon excited. My parents don't really care though. Merp.

Oh, I actually posted something today. This is my first attempt at a drabble...and I guess it came out's pretty much the only thing I've ever written that isn't fictional, since I talk about my real life experiences in the drabble.

And on another random note, I curled my hair a few days ago with this new curling wand my mom bought, and the curls came out really nice!

There's a picture of it (:

I hope everyone on MIbba has been doing well! And if any other brace-wearers or ex-brace-wearers want to give me advice on how to deal with the first week of braces, please do <3
January 10th, 2012 at 02:39am