What's college like? + Recc me some stories

Today I made my first official appointment to go on a campus tour of my dream college. I won't say the name obviously, since I enjoy my privacy, but basically this school has every single thing I want. It has the major I want, along with 50 kajillion different electives and activities that sound so amazingly fun! Plus the campus looks amazing...but I'll be the judge of that when I finally see it in March. The only downside is it's pretty far away from where I live...not like, fly on a plane far away, but take a bus or a train for four hours far away.

So, my question of the day for Mibba is for anyone who is in college already, what's the college experience like? Or at least, how has it been for you?

On another note, I'd like some story reccs. AND WHEN I SAY RECCS, I MEAN OTHER PEOPLE'S STORIES PLEASE, no whoring of stories today, sorry guys! I'm only saying that since usually when I ask for reccs, people tell me to read their stories...and I've usually read almost all of them already...

January 22nd, 2012 at 12:40am